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A short story game about a fox Copper and missing outlines of the characters. it's his continuation of the previous game, this game gives you a better feeling of the world they're in compared to the other one. Copper has to fight the thief of those stole outlines but he doesn't know what to expect !

It took a while to come up with a theme that had a good idea and let me mostly focus on one aspect I love doing most which is art ! So i decided to go with missing line of characters and making a game plot around art

Making it was a lot more time consuming than i expected and had to cut out doing shadows etc. In my previous Foxventure game it took me way too long to get a fox walking animation so I tried my best to stay away from large animations and stick too small movements that would be still pleasing to the eye.

I also decided to mostly go with purple and orange since they're two contrasting colours which made the main character stand out. However purple always gives a pretty and magical feel to any game or art.



thisone._Data.zip 29 MB


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Its pretty weird experience, man.

I kinda enjoyed it the art was nice, music was also good.

I think it might been a little too short but, defiantly worth playing.